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DrinkWise Australia

Decoding Culture For Positive Generational Behaviour Change

‘How To Drink Properly’ flipped the traditional scare tactic approach on its head and motivated 18-24yr old's to take ownership of their binge drinking behaviours.

By speaking to them in their language and understanding the cultural nuance and social context they were in, we reframed moderation as a classy, socially acceptable and even aspirational behaviour, making it Australia’s most successful responsible drinking initiative for this group.


40% reported drinking less after seeing the campaign

91% took steps to moderate their behaviour

50% reported slowing down their drinking to maintain control

38% considered moderation as classy after seeing the campaign

DrinkWise’s How to Drink Properly campaign has been acknowledged through numerous international advertising, creativity and effectiveness awards, including

Creative & Effectiveness Awards

2016 #19 in World’s best 100 marketing campaigns

2015 The Jay Chiat Awards, New York: Not for profit1 x Silver

2015 IAAB MIXX Award, New York: Branded content

2015 Business Review Weekly (BRW) Most Innovative Companies, Sydney 2015: Best Marketing Innovation

2015 AMEs - 1 x Silver

2015 AWARD awards - 2 x Bronze

2015 Australian Communication Council Effectiveness Awards (Effies), Sydney: Not-for-profit/Cause Related Marketing (silver) & Most Original Thinking (bronze)

2015 APAC Effie Awards, Singapore: Youth Marketing Silver